About the Office


 Referring to the letter of His Excellency, the Minister of Education No. 109809 dated 26/12/1441 AH based on Royal Decree No. (M/27), dated 2/3/1441 AH approving the University System.

And referring to the Royal Approval No. (62735) dated 23/11/1441 AH approving the implementation of the University System to King Abdulaziz University, which considers the University among three investment universities included in the Royal Approval.

And with the requirement of establishing an entity concerned with formulating the University's plan for its resources’ development, therefore, the Office of Financial Sustainability Achievement was established based on the decision of His Excellency the University President No. 7162 / Q dated 5/7/1442 AH.

It is one of the strategic units affiliated to the Vice President for Business and Knowledge Creativity (Vice President for Business and Investment), that is concerned with drawing general directions, plans and initiatives, and developing the investment environment and financial sustainability in the University.

The office seeks to contribute to the fulfillment of the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, which emphasized the need for financial balance and the investment of Kingdom-owned assets in a professional and transparent manner and to achieve high performance indicators through the University’s educational, research and production academic services, so that it is able to develop its additional self-resources forensuring the continuity of its work and the implementation of its development programs.

Also, the office seeks to achieve financial balance for The University, diversifying the Financial Resources and create an attractive environment for investors in the field of education while ensuring that it is preserved in a sustainable manner in the future, through raising the quality of financial planning and developing the investment environment and financial sustainability in the University; by maximizing investment capabilities, developing promising investment opportunities, and building attractive competitive advantages, internal and external developmental, rationalization and investment activities and practices that enable to continue to achieve its goals efficiently and effectively, and enhance its ability to achieve excellence and competition and deepen economic diversification in its various dimensions through which it can recover its full economic costs through its activities as a whole, and invest in its infrastructure (material, human and intellectual) at an appropriate rate that maintains its future productive capacity, and suits its strategic needs and thestudents and stakeholders’ needs.

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