Vision, mission, and objectives

of the Financial Sustainability Realization Office


To become a House of Expertise in the field of Financial Sustainability Planning through::

  • Monitoring, follow-up and the analysis of local, regional and global variables related to non-profit Universities..
  • Preparing studies, providing consultations and formulating plans to develop the investment and privatization environment in the University
  • Holding courses and workshops stimulating the investment environment at the University.


Enabling King Abdulaziz University to achieve its financial sustainability with efficient spending, allocation and optimal investment of its human and technical resources, scientific programs, facilities and infrastructure at the highest international standards..


  • The contribution in achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030, especially in the "Prosperous Economy" trend, with its general (first level), subsidiary (second level) and detailed (third level) goals.
  • The participation in implementing the contents of the Noble Royal order to put on the new University System to King Abdulaziz University.
  • Formulating the University's long- and medium-term financial sustainability plan with clear, comprehensive, and measured performance indicators.
  • Proposing the necessary initiatives that achieve the objectives of the financial sustainability plan.
  • Following up the accomplishment of the Financial Sustainability plan at the level of strategic units in the University.
  • Strengthening the partnership between the government, private and civil sectors in accordance with Articles 49 and 50 of the new University System.
  • Conducting studies and providing consultations in the field of investment and financial sustainability.

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2/6/2023 3:08:43 PM